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Cleckler-Heald Mission Statement

Cleckler-Heald Elementary:

Believes in providing an educational program of instruction which allows each student to attain his or her academic potential.

Encourages all students to participate in school programs and activities for the purpose of discovering personal strengths and developing well-rounded interests.

Believes all students will meet or exceed educational performance standards of today and the future.

Believes in selecting staff members of the highest quality and effectiveness to allow each student to attain his or her academic potential.

Believes through creative teaching and individualized instruction staff will discover the unique aptitudes and awaken the intellectual curiosity of every student.

Believes in providing instruction that is challenging to all students so that they may strive to become the best they can be.

Cleckler-Heald Technology Mission Statement

The technology mission of Cleckler-Heald Elementary is to ensure that our students can adapt to the challenges of the 21st century through the access and utilization of technology in gathering, using and the sharing of information in order to make responsible decisions in this ever advancing world of technology.

Goal #1: Teachers: Empower teachers to teach and engage students to learn within a technology rich learning environment and purposefully integrate 21st century technology tools.

Goal #2: Students: Improve Student Preparation for College and Career as well as to ensure they become good digital citizens.

Goal # 3: Admin: Use more social media to reach to all stakeholders, model the use of different tools, and support teachers along the way.




Members of the CHTV club prepare the morning announcements everyday along with our principal. They are responsible for the weather report, birthdays, lunch menu and any special announcements.

Leader In Me

Leader In Me

Cleckler-Heald is striving to become a Leader In Me school. It teaches 21st century leadership and life skills to students and creates a culture of student empowerment based on the idea that every child can be a leader.

Cleckler-Heald Cheerleaders

The Cheer Squad consists of enthusiastic, dynamic, fun, hardworking girls whose mission is to represent their school with a spirit of support for the entire community. The squad performs at various community and school events. Sponsors are Mrs. Aguirre and Mrs. Bautista.

Cleckler-Heald Choir

Ninety-Seven CH students working hard to make their school and community shine bright!

Directed by Gloria Champion

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What's Happening At Cleckler-Heald Elementary




1st & 2nd Grade Program


Description​:  An enrichment institute with students rotating through music, art, and STEAM lessons each day.  Time:​  8:00-1:00

Date: ​ June 3-June 27, 2019 Locations:

Rico​: Students from Airport, North Bridge, Rico

Silva:​ Students from Cleckler Heald, Gonzalez, Ybarra, Silva

Memorial:​ Students from Margo, Sam Houston, Memorial

Eligibility:​  Current 1st & 2nd grade students that meet promotion criteria. 


3rd-5th Grade Program


Description:​ An enrichment institute that allows students to Pick Your Path of 2 enrichment courses. Time: ​ 8:00-12:00 

Date: ​  June 3-27, 2019

Location: ​Central Middle School

Eligibility:​  Current 3rd-5th grade students that meet promotion criteria.  



For more information and to apply for the program, visit our website! 

Click on Link

Fine Arts and Technology Institute

Contact Information

Ron Bissett, Fine Arts Coordinator                              956-969-7116

Scott Amdahl, Director of Instructional Technology 956-969-6559

Julie Kelly, Instructional Technology Strategist          956-969-6546


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