Mission Statement

As the Right Choice, Cleckler-Heald Elementary delivers a complete educational experience grounded in social emotional learning, creativity, synergy, problem-solving, and critical thinking that develops lifelong learners, confident leaders, and engaged citizens.

Vision Statement

Cleckler-Heald Elementary inspires and empowers all students to reach their full, unique potential so that each thrives in and contributes to our global community.


Campus Goals

  1. Student Success/Literacy Focus:  Provide high-quality, and innovative programs along the continuum of learning environments that develop college, career, military and service-ready leaders.
  2. Positive Learning Environments:  Ensure a safe, secure, drug-free, technology-rich, and inviting environment which promotes high performance along the continuum of learning environments.
  3. Parent-Community-Business-Industry Relations:  Foster exceptional community service, open communication, and positive collaboration using innovative and multiple platforms that support teacher and student success.
  4. Capacity-Building/Leadership Development:  Implement high quality research-based professional development and continuous support for all employees so that they are able to facilitate teaching and learning along the continuum of learning environments.
  5. Financial Strength:  Facilitate strategic planning, management, accountability and transparent stewardship to optimize federal, state, and local funding that supports the teaching and learning along the continuum of learning environments.
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